Wait Until...

Want people to wait until they meet a specific condition or enter a segment before receiving a message? Use the Wait Until workflow item! Here’s how to set that up:

Setting up a Wait Until

You’ll find Wait Until as an option in the left sidebar; you can drag it onto your campaign canvas.

By default, when added, the Wait Until workflow item looks like this:


When you click to edit it, you can add a segment condition in the same way you do elsewhere in Customer.io. In this example, people will have to wait until they enter the ‘Advanced Users’ segment to move forward:


After you’ve set it up, your Wait Until will look something like this:


Adding a fallback

By default (as shown in the image above), people will wait forever for the condition to be met. However, you have the option to set a maximum wait. After this maximum wait time elapses, people can exit the campaign or move on to the next action— this is up to you!

In this example, I set the ‘Advanced Users’ Wait Until maximum to seven days, after which people will exit the campaign:


A note on “Not in…” conditions

Let’s use an example. If a Wait Until is set up like this:


When people enter this wait, those who are already not in the Canada segment will move on right away. If they are in that segment, Customer.io will wait until they leave it before moving on in the campaign.

Combinations of Wait Until

Examples are the easiest way to illustrate how the Wait Until behaves when combined with another time-based workflow item.

…and Time Delays

Order is important! If you have the following items in your workflow:

  1. Wait 7 days
  2. Wait until user enters ‘Paying Customers’ segment
  3. Email

People will first wait seven days, then as long as it takes to enter the Premium segment. They can enter and exit the segment many times during the seven-day wait; we’ll only check once the seven day delay is up.

If you have the following:

  1. Wait until user enters ‘Paying Customers’ Segment
  2. Wait 7 days
  3. Email

People will wait as long as it takes to enter the segment. As soon as they do so, they will then wait seven days after satisfying that condition. This means people will wait at least seven days.

…and Time Windows

Combining Time Windows with Wait Until is a little different to Delays, because Time Windows also involve meeting a condition. Which delay is placed first depends on whether or not you want to prioritise the time condition or the segment condition.

Time Window first

  1. Wait for time window: Monday between 9AM and 5PM
  2. Wait until user enters ‘Paying Customers’ segment
  3. Email

In this case, people will wait until Monday at 9AM first, and then move onto the Wait Until. They will then wait as long as it takes for them to meet the ‘Paying Customers’ segment condition before being sent the email. If people are not in the segment between 9 and 5 on Monday (even if they’ve entered and left it before), they will not receive the email.

Wait Until first

  1. Wait until user enters ‘Paying Customers’ segment
  2. Wait for time window: Monday between 9AM and 5PM
  3. Email

In this case, people will wait until they enter the ‘Paying Customers’ segment, and then begin waiting for Monday at 9AM (assuming it isn’t already that time). If the user stops matching the ‘Paying Customers’ segment condition while they’re waiting for the time window, they will still get the email on Monday at 9AM.

Editing a Wait Until

You can edit the conditions of your Wait Until; just be aware that doing so might cause people to move out of that Wait Until.

For example, say we have a maximum wait of seven days that is then reduced to two days. In this case:

  • People who have already been waiting more than two days will move on (or exit)
  • People who have not yet waited two days will continue waiting

Deleting a Wait Until

If you choose to delete a Wait Until, you will have an option to choose what to do with any people currently waiting. They can:

  1. Continue in the campaign, to the next action
  2. Exit the campaign immediately

It’s up to you! Sometimes, if people have been waiting a long time, you may not want them to get any further messages.

Copying a Wait Until

It’s easy to copy the Wait Until between campaigns within the same workspace, because your segment conditions remain the same.

If copying between workspaces, you’ll need to re-add your conditions, and we’ll show you a warning note both on the item:


…and the edit state:

Copied to clipboard!