Use your Oracle Dyn Account to Send supports using your own Oracle Dyn account to send email. To do this there are two places you’ll need to change settings:

1. On Oracle Dyn

First, you need to point Dyn’s webhooks at and get your SMTP information.

Point Oracle Dyn’s webhooks at

Add the webhook URL corresponding to your account region on the Oracle Dyn Integrations page for every domain you’ll be sending via The following URLs represent the US region; if your account is in the EU, update URLs to

Bounce Postback URL

Spam Complaint Postback URL

 Use the correct URL for your region

If your account is based in the European Union (EU), make sure you use endpoints beginning with track-eu. We redirect traffic from US endpoints to EU-based accounts, however the traffic still passes through US servers and data may be logged in the US.
Example Webhook Config
Example Webhook Config

Additionally you will need to define our custom X-Header


In the Custom X-Headers section at the bottom of the page:

Example X-Header config
Example X-Header config

Create your SMTP API Credentials

If you haven’t got your credentials handy, find your account on the Oracle Dyn Users Page page, select your user account, and update your SMTP password.

Set a SMTP password
Set a SMTP password

Save or copy the password you created, as you will need it for configuring your SMTP in, and can only access it once!

2. In

Configure custom SMTP settings

First, head to Workspace Settings -> Email -> Custom SMTP Settings and click the Add Custom SMTP Server button:

Custom SMTP settings
Custom SMTP settings

Then add in your Oracle Dyn SMTP credentials:

Oracle Dyn SMTP
Oracle Dyn SMTP
Field Value
Port 587
Authentication Login
User name [Your SMTP User Name]
Password [Your SMTP Password]

When you save your settings, we’ll start sending emails through your Sparkpost account.


Your account is now set up to send email through Oracle Dyn. If you have any questions or feedback about setting this up, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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