Use your Mandrill Account to Send

 Mandrill is designed for transactional messages only

Mailchimp’s acceptable use policy prohibits the sending of bulk emails—emails directed to multiple individuals with the same content—through Mandrill. supports using your own Mandrill account to send email with zero loss in functionality. To do this, there are two places you’ll need to change settings:

1. In

Configure your SMTP settings

First, head to Workspace Settings -> Email -> Custom SMTP Settings and click the Add Custom SMTP Server button:

Custom SMTP settings
Custom SMTP settings

Then add in your Mandrill settings (you can find those here)

Mandrill SMTP
Mandrill SMTP
Field Value
Port 2525
Authentication Login
User name [Your SMTP User Name]
Password [Your SMTP Password]

When you save your settings, we’ll start sending emails through your Mandrill account.

If you’re using the unsubscribe, then everything will continue to work. If you’d prefer to use the Mandrill-provided unsubscribe you’ll want to add their unsubscribe link to your emails or layouts. You’ll need to make one change to ensure it processes. Also, add class=“untracked” to the link, like this:

<a href="*|UNSUB:|*" class="untracked">Unsubscribe.</a>

Please note that if you’re using the Mandrill unsubscribe, those unsubscribes will not be tracked in They’ll only be tracked in Mandrill.

2. Mandrill

Point Mandrill’s webhooks at

Go to the Mandrill webhooks page and click “Add a Webhook”.

From there, check these events:

  • Message Is Sent
  • Message Is Bounced
  • Message Is Marked As Spam
  • Message Is Rejected
  • Message Is Delayed
  • Message Is Soft-Bounced

In the “Post To URL” field, enter either your account is in the US region or if your account is based in the EU.

 Use the correct URL for your region

If your account is based in the European Union (EU), make sure you use endpoints beginning with track-eu. We redirect traffic from US endpoints to EU-based accounts, however the traffic still passes through US servers and data may be logged in the US.

Mandrill Webhook Events
Mandrill Webhook Events

Click Create Webhook to save.

Disable CSS inlining

If you’re using the drag-and-drop email editor or our own CSS pre-processing Mandrill’s CSS inlining can interfere with our own, so we recommend disabling it. To do so, visit the Mandrill Sending Defaults page and make sure the Inline CSS Styles In HTML Emails option is disabled.

Mandrill Sending Options, with CSS inlining disabled and highlighted
Mandrill Sending Options, with CSS inlining disabled and highlighted

You can also disable Mandrill’s CSS inlining on a per-message basis by adding a custom X-MC-InlineCSS header to your email:

Editing custom headers in the email editor
Editing custom headers in the email editor


Your account is now set up to send email through Mandrill. If you have any questions or feedback about setting this up, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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