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Tags allow you to organize and categorize your Campaigns, Newsletters, and Segments. With a tagging system in place, you'll be able to locate things quickly in the app and report on specific categories of messages. Create, assign, edit, and delete as many tags as you need. This doc will help you negotiate the basics of tagging.

Working with tags

Here are all the actions you can take with tags from within the Customer.io web app:

Adding and removing tags

When creating a new Campaign, Newsletter, or Segment you'll see the option to add tags below the name and description:

Feel free to create, add, and remove as many tags as you need to. If you have no tags at all, you can start creating them directly from the dropdown.

Once your Campaign, Newsletter, or Segment has been created, you'll be able to edit the name, description, and tags by clicking the 'Edit' button next to the name:

Click this, and you'll be able to both add and remove tags from your Campaign, Newsletter, or Segment at any time.

Managing tags

If you want to see how you're using your tags, make corrections to them (rename, fix spelling, etc.), or remove them from the workspace entirely, click the Manage option in the dropdown. From here, you can edit, delete, or create new tags:

Using tags

Tags can help you locate items in the Campaigns, Newsletters, or Segments list. They can also be used to categorize your messages and then analyze metrics on one (or multiple) distinct categories.

Search lists by tag

To filter your entire Campaign, Newsletter, or Segment list by tag, you can either select the tag from the dropdown at the top, or click the tag in a single item in the list. Here is an example of filtering Campaigns by the research tag:

Create reports by tag

Tagging your Campaigns and Newsletters based on messaging category is a great way to analyze your different messaging strategies. For example, if you'd like to understand how your marketing messages alone are performing, you can run a report on all Campaigns and Newsletters with the 'marketing' tag.

To do so, go to the Analysis page and add the tags you'd like to view as part of the filter criteria. This will return metrics for all Campaigns and Newsletters with that tag. Learn more about working with metrics.

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