Send Data to a Data Warehouse with Stitch

Send Data to a Data Warehouse with Stitch

Stitch makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources in order to load the data in to a data warehouse (like Amazon Redshift, Google Bigquery, Panoply, or Postgres). If you have marketing campaigns where is just one piece of the puzzle, a data warehouse lets you combine data from all your systems in order to get a complete picture of performance.

These steps assumes you already have a Stitch account and have your data warehouse connected to Stitch.

We'll leverage the Email Webhooks to send email performance data to a data warehouse using Stitch.

Generate a URL

In your Stitch account, click Add an integration and select

Give it a name like " Performance" and click Save. You should now see a URL that you can copy.

Update your webhook endpoint

In your account, click on Integrations. Under Streaming Data Out, click on the Get Started button next to Email Activity Webhook.

Paste the link you got from Stitch in to the "Endpoint" and click Update. To verify it's working, you can click Test.

Confirm your data is received

Back in your Stitch account, take a look at the details for your new integration. Within a few minutes you should see that Stitch has received data and is preparing to load it in to your data warehouse.

And that's it! Data is synced automatically.

We'd love to know how you're using a data warehouse with and how we can better help. Send us an email to and let us know.

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