Quick Start Guide

This guide contains the minimum steps you’ll need to follow to install and start using the Customer.io SDK in your iOS app.

 Updating from a previous version?

See our migration guide for information about changes in the latest release and help updating your app.

 Support for Data Pipelines in Android is coming soon

We’re working on updating the Android SDK to support it as a native source in Data Pipelines. For now, calls from your Android app will go directly to Journeys or through the Journeys API source (if the feature is enabled) until we release version 4.x of the Android SDK.


Before you start, you’ll need two keys. See Authentication you don’t have them, or don’t know where to find them.

1. Add dependencies in XCode

  1. Follow Apple’s instructions to add https://github.com/customerio/customerio-ios.git as a dependency to your project in Xcode and select all the packages.

     Do you use CocoaPods?

    We typically recommend that you install the SDK using Swift Package Manager (SPM). But if your app uses CocoaPods, you can find and install our pods by replacing Cio with CustomerIO/ in our package names—e.g. CustomerIO/DataPipelines.

  2. Set the Dependency Rule to Up to Next Major Version. While we encourage you to keep your app up to date with the latest SDK, major versions can include breaking changes or new features that require your attention.

    select up to next major version when installing the sdk
    select up to next major version when installing the sdk

2. Set up your app

 Check out our sample apps

The steps below can help you get started, but we also have sample apps in the SDK’s Apps directory that show you how to use the SDK with practical examples—including samples for different push services and visionOS.

The process changes slightly depending on whether you use Apple’s Push Notification service (APNs) or Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service.

Click the steps below to highlight relevant code samples.

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