Follow up on NPS responses

Set up a data campaign to trigger follow-up responses for people who respond to your Satismeter NPS surveys!

As a part of this guide, you’ll:

  1. Set up a data campaign, capturing a response from Satismeter when someone fills out your survey and converting it to an event.
  2. Set up an event-triggered campaign (using the Satismeter event) to message people based on their net promoter score (NPS).
sequenceDiagram participant A as Customer participant B as Satismeter participant C as A->>B: Customer gives NPS rating B->>C: Webhook forwards response C->>C: Convert to event C->>A: Email customer with response

Before you begin

You’ll need access to your Satismeter account and your Site ID and API Key credentials. You can find your Site ID and API Key credentials under Data & Integrations > Integrations > API.

Satismeter events have the same general shape, but we’ll base this tutorial off the following example data:

  "event": "completed",
  "response": {
    "answers": [
        "id": "00000000000000",
        "label": "How would you rate the support?",
        "value": 5
        "id": "00000000000000",
        "label": "Select your favourite feature from the list",
        "value": "Dashboard filters"
        "id": "00000000000000",
        "label": "Do you have any comments for us?",
        "value": "You are awesome!"
    "category": "promoter",
    "completed": true,
    "created": "2015-07-31T19:48:07.648Z",
    "feedback": "You are awesome!",
    "id": "00000000000000",
    "ip": "",
    "location": {
      "city": "Springfield",
      "country": "US",
      "long": "Springfield, United States",
      "short": "Springfield"
    "method": "In-app",
    "project": "00000000000000",
    "rating": 6,
    "referrer": "",
    "user": {
      "email": "",
      "name": "Homer Simpson",
      "traits": {},
      "userId": "1234"

Set up your data campaign

This workflow will convert your incoming Satismeter event—sent when someone fills out your NPS survey—to a event. We’ll use this event to send a campaign to respond to people who filled out your survey depending on their net promoter score.

  1. Go to Campaigns and click Create Campaign.

  2. Select Data arrives via webhook and copy the Webhook URL.

  3. In Satismeter, go to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks and click Add Another Webhook.

    • Paste the Webhook URL that you copied from in the Webhook URL field.
    • Select the Survey completed Trigger, and then click Save Changes.
    • If possible, fill out your Satismeter form as a test. This will send test data back to, which can help you set up your campaign.
      Set up your webhook in Satismeter
      Set up your webhook in Satismeter
  4. Return to and click Save & Next to move on to the Workflow step.

  5. Drag Send data into your workflow. Click this new Webhook block to select it.

  6. Set a Name for the webhook, and then click Add Request.

    A workflow with a webhook to translate data
    A workflow with a webhook to translate data

  7. In the URL, enter https://{site_id}:{api_key}{{}}/events; replacing the Site ID and API Key with your credentials. In this case, we’re using the property, but you can use the user.userId—or whatever value maps to your ID in

  8. For the payload, enter the event name and data that you want to associate with a person in For our purposes, we’re only capturing the rating.

          "name":"NPS survey submitted",
            "rating": {{trigger.rating}}

  9. Click Save Changes. Now you’re ready to set up your campaign to message people who responded to your NPS survey!

Set up your people campaign

You’ll trigger your campaign from the nps survey submitted event you set up in your data campaign.

 Tag your campaigns

In this tutorial, you need two campaigns to achieve your goal. If you apply a tag to both your data and people campaigns, you can easily relate and find your campaigns on the Campaigns page.
  1. Go to Campaigns and click Create Campaign.

  2. Click A person performs an event. Under Define the trigger event, enter nps survey submitted and set additional filters. In our case, we’re specifically targeting people who gave us a rating under 7. Set other options (Filter, Frequency, or Global workflow settings), and click Next.

    set up an event trigger based on your data campaign
    set up an event trigger based on your data campaign

  3. In your workflow, add your message. In our case, we’re only responding to people who gave us a score of 7 or less. However, if you don’t filter by rating, you might:

  4. When you’re finished, click Save & Next, and finish configuring your campaign. Now, when someone fills out your Satismeter NPS survey, you can send them a response automatically!

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