Associate anonymous events with people


You can log events before people sign up or log into your site, app, or service. Then, when people sign up or log in, you can associate those events with people. Anonymous events help you do things like personalize your onboarding campaigns based on things people did before they signed up. For example, if a customer viewed a pricing plan before signing up for a trial, your onboarding campaign might cover features relevant to the plan they viewed.

This feature changes anonymous events to require an anonymous_id—a value representing the un-identified person. When you identify a person, if you set their anonymous_id attribute to a value represented in anonymous events, those events are associated with the appropriate person.

Our JavaScript snippet automatically sets this anonymous ID, both on events and identified people, making it easy to capture anonymous events. When you send events or identify people using our API, you need to set anonymous_id yourself.

For new workspaces, this feature is enabled by default. For existing workspaces, you must enable this feature. Go to Settings > Workspace Settings and click Anonymous event merge to turn on event merging.

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