iOS 3.0 release


The latest version of our iOS SDK is out, providing a seamless integration with Data Pipelines. This update makes it easier to support both and your data to downstream destinations—like your analytics platform, CRM, or data warehouse—and lets you track anonymous users.

iOS 3.0 release

This latest version of the SDK supports the following new features:

  • Data Pipelines Support: Send your mobile data to Data Pipelines (our customer data platform) to route it to Journeys, and the rest of your martech stack—analytics, data warehouses, CRMs and more.*
  • Anonymous tracking: You can send anonymous events, and we’ll reconcile anonymous activity with the user when you identify them.
  • Built-in lifecycle events: the SDK now automatically captures events like “Application Installed” and “Application Updated” for you, so you better understand your users’ behaviors in your app.
  • New device data: the SDK captures complete device-level context, like your audience’s screen dimensions, device name, and more.

While this release represents a significant change under the hood, we made every effort to limit the impact to your code. Most of the changes you’ll make are to your initialization code, most calls work almost exactly as they did in previous releases.

*While it’s free to send data to Journeys—where you message your customers, connecting your data to other destinations can incur additional costs.

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