Data Pipelines is live!


Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are a great way to get data into, but they become expensive as you grow. We wanted everyone to be able to afford access to clean, unified data, so we built our own CDP: Data Pipelines. Now you can easily and affordably collect, transform, and send data to, and all the other tools in your stack.

Data Pipelines is live!

With Data Pipelines, you can gather data from any source—like your website, backend services, or warehouse—and forward that data to services where you can act on it—like your analytics platform, CRM, and marketing automation tools like Journeys* (the new name for our original product)!

To make it easy for you to adopt Data Pipelines, the Journeys Track API, our JavaScript Web SDK, and our Mobile SDKs are all automatically sources of data for new customers. If you’re new to, you won’t have to do anything special to send data into Data Pipelines; you can integrate with our Track snippet and send into Data Pipelines immediately.

flowchart LR a(Incoming track
API call)-->b(( b-->c(Journeys) b-->d[(Data
Pipelines)]-.->e(destination 1) d-.->f(destination 2)

You can connect your source data to an ever-growing number of destination platforms. If you don’t see your favorite destination, let us know. We’re actively working to add more sources and destinations to better support you.

 Data Pipelines is not available in the EU yet

For now, Data Pipelines features are only available in our US region. We’re working on support for Data Pipelines in our EU data center.

You’ll notice that this release comes with some changes to our user interface. You can now switch between Journeys (our messaging platform) and Data Pipelines with tabs in the far left. Your account and user information is now available in the top-right, so it’s always available, no matter what part of our platform you’re working with.

our new UI separates products into tabs in the upper-left
our new UI separates products into tabs in the upper-left

This is our first release, but certainly not our last. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, let us know!

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