Data Pipelines (CDP) now available in early access


For the past decade, we’ve helped companies use their data to connect with their customers. We know that data management can be a headache and have long recommended using a customer data platform as standard practice. For years we’ve also been building features to help you manage data, including Reverse ETL, custom objects, and a sync to data warehouses. Today we’re announcing the next step in that work: Data Pipelines (CDP). CDP connects your customer data to every product in your tech stack, letting you focus on what matters most: building relationships with your customers. Data Pipelines (CDP) now available in early access

We’ve designed Data Pipelines to fit into, and feel like a part of, the platform that you’re used to—which we’re now calling Journeys. When you request early access, you’ll be able to toggle between data pipelines and the features you’re familiar with from tabs in the upper-left of the interface.

toggle between journeys and data pipelines
toggle between journeys and data pipelines Data Pipelines connect your data with every product you might want to use. We support the most common destinations, including analytics and CRM tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and HubSpot. And we’re adding more integrations, so you’ll always have access to the best services on the market.

Sign up and request early access today. If you’re curious, but not ready to take the plunge, you can read our docs. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

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