Build a subscription center the easy way


We’ve added a subscription center feature that can help you manage your audience’s subscription preferences without having to manage a complicated set of preferences on your own. This feature makes it easy to set up your subscription topics, apply those topics to campaigns or broadcasts, and let your audience decide what topics they want to subscribe to.

Build a subscription center the easy way

In the past, if you wanted to manage your audience’s subscription preferences, you would have had to set up attributes representing people’s preferences and apply preferences to messages with complicated segments or campaign filters. It was a confusing, error-prone process.

The new subscription center feature lets you set topics for your campaigns, broadcasts, and newsletters, and automates preference logic. When people click the Unsubscribe link in your messages, our default unsubscribe page now lets people pick their subscription preferences—providing an easy way for people to update their preferences and creating a way to retain subscribers who might not like all of your messages.

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