Segment and filter against complex arrays and JSON


In the past, you weren’t able to create segments or use complex JSON attributes (arrays, nested objects, and arrays of objects) in filters, branch conditions, etc. This forced you to flatten your attributes and events to fit the sorts of segments you wanted to create, which could take a lot of effort and planning. Now, you can use complex JSON in conditions, making it easier to use your data and segment your audience without reshaping your data.

Segment and filter against complex arrays and JSON

You can use JSON dot notation directly in segment rules and other conditions. When you reference an array, you can set the index you want to match in a segment condition or leave the index empty to match any value in the array.

  • Match any item in array: array[]
  • Match first item in array: array[0]
  • Match child property in any object in array: array[].child

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