Generate conversions from events


Conversions help you determine the efficacy of your messages and campaigns by recording when people respond to your call to action. We’ve simplified the way in which you achieve and set goals by allowing you to base conversion goals directly on incoming events.

Generate conversions from events

In the past, you could only manage conversions with segments, which was sometimes cumbersome: you may have had to create new segments specifically to record conversions. People could also match your conversion segment criteria outside a campaign which could lead to inaccurate conversion metrics.

Now you can also set your campaign goal to an event. This makes it easier to set conversion criteria: you don’t have to set up a segment anymore, and you can make conversion criteria specific to your campaign’s call to action. Events represent a point-in-time conversion: people can’t match conversion criteria before they join (and even receive a message from) your campaign. This helps you more accurately record whether your campaign has the desired effect and provides a more reliable, discrete path for people to exit your campaign when they match your conversion criteria.

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