Segment and filter people based on device attributes


You can now set a series of attributes on mobile devices in, and use these attributes to segment and filter people in campaigns, broadcast audiences, etc. If you use our SDKs, we capture some pre-defined device attributes—like operating system version and device model—automatically. For our SDKs, this feature is only currently available in Alpha builds, but we’ll roll it out to new releases soon enough.

Segment and filter people based on device attributes

For each device, our APIs automatically gather the platform and set a last_used timestamp based on when you last added or updating a device.

If you use our SDKs, we also capture attributes containing additional device information. You can also add your own custom attributes on devices; these are additional values that you think are relevant to the devices in your mobile audience.

You can use all of these attributes, both automatically-gathered and custom attributes, in segments, filters, etc. You cannot, however, use them in liquidA syntax that supports variables, letting you personalize messages for your audience. For example, if you want to reference a person’s first name, you might use the variable {{customer.first_name}}. to personalize messages just yet. We’re working to add liquid support as soon as possible.

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