Official iOS and Android SDKs


The first official release of our iOS and Android SDKs is now available. Our SDKs make it easy to identify mobile users, send events from client devices, and send rich push notifications to your mobile audiences—all without writing your own integration from scratch.

Official iOS and Android SDKs

 Check out our sample app, Remote Habits

Our sample apps provide real-world examples that can help you implement our SDKs. Check them out for iOS and Android!

We’re developing our SDKs in parallel, so that both your Android and iOS apps provide the same experiences. For now, that means that you can do the following with both of our SDKs:

  • Identify people who use your app. When you identify someone, you’ll also register their device token and you can update their attributesA key-value pair that you associate with a person—like their name, the date they were created in your workspace, etc. Use attributes to target people and personalize messages..
  • Track screen views in order to segment and message your audience based on the screens they have visited.
  • Send rich push notifications with images and deep links to your audience.
  • Send events from devices representing user activity in By sending events from devices, you can trigger campaigns and send responsive push notifications or update information about your audience.

Our iOS SDK also automatically batches operations in a queue, saving your users’ battery life and making sure you don’t drop requests if a user loses connectivity. This feature is not yet available in our Android SDK, but we’re working to add it as soon as possible.

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