Shortcuts: Use as your back-office tool


Have you ever wanted to find a person in your CRM? Or maybe you need to search for support tickets from a person in your workspace. Or maybe you need to call an internal service to activate or deactivate a person’s account.

You can now do all of these with our new Shortcut feature.

Shortcuts: Use as your back-office tool

Shortcuts let you link people in to external services. You can even set up webhook “shortcuts” to call external APIs from a person’s page in

Shortcuts act as simple, low- or no-code integrations. With just a little bit of liquidA syntax that supports variables, letting you personalize messages for your audience. For example, if you want to reference a person’s first name, you might use the variable {{customer.first_name}}., you can personalize links and simple API calls for services outside

After you set up shortcuts, you can click Shortcuts on a person’s page in the UI and select a shortcut to go to a link or perform a simple API call for that person.

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