Automatically resolve duplicate people


You can now set your email or ID workspace to automatically merge duplicate profiles based on identify calls that you send to This feature saves you the trouble of having to identify and merge duplicates on your own.

Automatically resolve duplicate people

You can enable the Multi-identifier profile merge setting to automatically merge duplicate profiles under Settings > Workspace Settings > Merge Settings. If you created your workspace using the email or ID option after September 24, 2021, this setting is on by default.

When you turn on the Multi-identifier profile merge setting, we’ll automatically recognize and merge duplicate profilesAn instance of a person. Generally, a person is synonymous with their profile; there should be a one-to-one relationship between a real person and their profile in You reference a profile’s attributes in liquid using customer—e.g. {{}}. if you send an identify call that results in a Failed Attribute Change and all of the following things are true:

  • The identify request failed because the id and email in the request matched different people.
  • The id and email in the request matched exactly one person each.
  • The profile matched by id does not have an email
  • The profile matched by email does not have an id.

In this case, when we merge people, we treat the older profile as the Primary person and the younger profile as the secondary person. The secondary person is merged into the primary person, and then it is deleted.

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