Merge and resolve duplicate profiles


You can now merge people together, helping you resolve duplicates and accurately represent members of your audience.

Merge and resolve duplicate profiles

In the past, if you inadvertently represented the same person multiple times in your workspace, you couldn’t resolve the issue without deleting duplicates and potentially losing information in the process.

Now, you can merge two people together and resolve duplicates without losing information or historical data associated with two profilesAn instance of a person. Generally, a person is synonymous with thier profile; there should be a one-to-one relationship between a real person and their profile in You reference a profile’s attributes in liquid using customer—e.g. {{}}. that represent the same physical person. Merging duplicate people can prevent you from over-messaging people, and can help you better understand the real size of your audience.

To merge people, go to the People page and click Merge people. You’ll select a primary person and merge a secondary, duplicate person’s information into it.

See our documentation for more information about merging people and the specific information that we transfer from one person to another in the merge process.

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