Push Notifications - Tracking

Push Notifications - Tracking

Push Status

A push notification can have several different statuses as it goes through the process of being sent. When we attempt to deliver these, you may have told us to try reaching them on one or multiple devices. The status we display represents whether or the intended person was reached on any device. We do still track the response from all API calls; this way, you will be able to know which device(s) specifically failed or were successful.


We show a status of "Attempted" until we've either succeeded or failed to reach all targeted devices.

This status means that your push notification has been created and we've tried to send it via the appropriate service — FCM for Android or APNS for iOS — which then would send to your customer's device. If there are errors with our attempt, we'll try to send it again up to ten times.


If your push notification is sent successfully for at least one device (that is, the push notification service accepted the request and is trying to deliver it to a device) and all the other devices have reached a final state, we mark it as Sent for the successful device.

Please note: Sent doesn't mean successful delivery - it only means that the push notification service considered the device token valid and is attempting to send it. It's possible that the device is offline and there is no guarantee the device will come back online to receive it.


If none of the attempts to send a push notification to the end-user's device(s) are successful, then we mark the message as Failed. You'll be able to see the failure reasons on the Delivery page.


This is treated the same as emails; when a user meets your campaign conversion goal, they are marked as Converted.

Campaign Overview data

The metrics we automatically track for push notifications are sent and converted:


We'll also show an error rate for each message. This is the percentage of all messages in a campaign which were returned failed.

To track opened, you'll need to add some code to your app; first, to detect when it occurs, then to send an event to our API. We are not able to automatically track the "Opened" metric yet. You'll need to include the CIO-Delivery-ID and CIO-Delivery-Token parameters from the push, as documented in our Technical Integration Guide.

Delivery Logs data

When filtering deliveries, you can choose to only see push notifications. In this view, you'll be able to see:



  • a name and link to the individual push notification
  • which customer triggered that message, and how many of their devices we attempted to send to
  • when the push notification was attempted
  • The push notification status (sent, failed, attempted, etc.)
  • conversion information

You'll also have the option to retry sending the push notification if its status is 'failed':


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