We all deserve to know what’s happening with our data.

Below is a summary of’s Privacy Policy, specifically the parts we’d want to understand if we were you.

  • We track what you do on our website. We do that so we can answer questions like “How interested is this person in our product?” and “Should we show this person an ad to get them back to our site?”

  • We track what you do in our software. We do that so we can answer questions like “What parts of our product experience need improvement?” and “How do we reproduce that pesky bug?”

  • We send you emails to get you to buy our software and to help you use it. We do our best to keep these emails to a minimum.

  • Any data we collect on you is stored securely. We lay out details on what “securely” means on our Security page.

  • Some of the data we collect gets sent to other companies to make our software work. For example, we use SendGrid to send emails, which means your customers' email addresses are transmitted to them. We have signed privacy agreements with SendGrid, and every company we send your data to. The point of those agreements is to ensure that these companies' security standards are just as good as ours.

  • You can use our software to track what your customers do on your site and within your software. By doing that, you may end up storing your customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name and email address on That’s fine. That data is governed by your own privacy policies. We don’t dictate those outside of asking you not to store passwords or credit card numbers, and not to store PII on children who are less than 18 years old.

  • Some of’s employees have access to view the data in your account. They have that access so they can provide customer service, and so they can bill you for using our software. We make sure our employees take your privacy seriously.

  • If a big government body requests your information for a legal reason, we’ll evaluate the ask. That means we may provide what they’re asking for, and we may not. This kind of thing doesn’t happen much, so we treat every case uniquely.

  • We don’t change our Privacy Policy often, but we do change it. If that happens, we’ll give 30 days' heads up via email so you know what’s coming.

Got questions? Want to get into the details of our full privacy policy? Don’t want us to track, send, or otherwise process your data in any of the ways listed above? No problem. Send us an email at Alternatively, there are lots of tool you can use that will prevent you from being tracked on any site. Might be worth checking those out.

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