Creating and Sending Newsletters

Creating and Sending Newsletters

Newsletters in are different than traditional "list-based" newsletter tools, in a few ways.

Choosing recipients

The first step of setting up your newsletter is defining the recipient list. You can send to all the people in your system, or you can define a smaller segment to send to.

Segmented newsletter

For each recipient option you should immediately see how many people will be sent the email as well as see a few sample matching users.

Note: this preview includes unsubscribed users, so the actual number of sent newsletters may be smaller than the preview.


This option allows you to send to any combination of segment matches. For example: The segment Upgraded to premium service could be combined with the segment Active in the last 30 days to more closely target the recipients of your newsletter. This option allows you to send to users who meet specific conditions. You can:

  • Send to people who are in or not in a particular segment
  • Send to people based on the value of a particular attribute
  • Send to people who have or haven't received a previous newsletter

...or any combination of the above. Here is an example of sending a Weekly Update newsletter to Signed Up customers (segment condition) in Canada (attribute condition), who received the previous Weekly Update newsletter (newsletter condition):

Segmented newsletter

Notes on newsletter conditions

If you select a newsletter send as a condition, you may see a green or yellow dot on the newsletter icon. This is a "status" indicating whether the newsletter has been sent (green) or drafted (yellow).


This will attempt to send to every person in your account.

Send using CSV

Some people may not currently belong to a segment or have a specific shared attribute that makes them easy to target using a data-driven segment. If you know their IDs or Emails, though, you can send a newsletter to them by uploading a CSV in a manual segment.

Check out more information on manual segments here

Advanced options


In the Goal section of the workflow, you can set up a conversion goal, as well as decide if you want to track opens and clicks (on by default).

Newsletters - Goal

Change your email settings

Within the message composer, you can define different from addresses, reply-to address, and even change your To address to go to something other than the default "email" attribute.

Newsletters - From Address

Sending to unsubscribed users

By default, newsletters do not send to unsubscribed people. However, when setting up your newsletter, you may have noticed this option:

Option: send newsletters to unsubscribed users

This option will override the default.

We ask that you be careful when doing this. Continuing to email someone who has unsubscribed could result in your breaching anti-spam laws in your country, and we do reserve the right to terminate your account if you do so.

How to "opt-in" to a newsletter

To use for a regular newsletter, you might want to explicitly have people opt-in to the newsletter. You can do this by setting an attribute on each person who should receive the newsletter. Something like:

newsletter = true

Then you'd create your segment and send newsletters to it.

Newsletter subscribers segment

Scheduling and sending your Newsletter

Newsletters can be both sent immediately, or scheduled for a future date/time.

Newsletter schedule or send

To schedule in advance, you'll click schedule, and choose your date and time! Always schedule at least 5 minutes in advance, and note that the timezone defaults to your local time.

Newsletter schedule or send

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