Create Multiple From Addresses

Create Multiple From Addresses

Sometimes you will have campaigns that need to come from different email addresses. Onboarding emails from a specific member of your team so replies go to them, or newsletters that come from a more general address such as

To add a new email address as a from address, follow the Message Settings link in the left-hand menu in your account, choose Email from the list of message types and then select the From Addresses tab, and click the "Add From Address" button.

Add From address

There you can type in the display name and email address.

Enter address

If you have multiple support or account managers, and you want each specific customer to see their email address as a sender, you can use liquid to customize the experience further.

Want to learn more? Check out these tips and tricks on using liquid with email addresses.

Once the new from address is added, you can use that address and pick it from the drop-down next to From: when creating an email.

Multiple addresses

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