Managing Customer Mobile Devices
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Managing Customer Mobile Devices

Each person in your account has a 'Devices' tab associated with them.


Before enabling push notifications, that area might look like this:


Managing Devices

Once you've added devices for this Person via the API, you'll be able to see them in this tab: their platform, token, and when that device was last used, as well as the Last Used timestamp provided when you most recently identified the device via our API.

You can hover over the truncated token to see the full string, as well as copy it to your clipboard:


This is especially useful when you need a device token for sending a test push notification from the composer.

And in the activity stream, click on each individual row for more details. Here's an example with an initial API call to add a device:

Adding and Deleting

You can't add a device through the UI, but you can delete as many as you like. You can also do this via the API.

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