Finding and managing your API credentials

Finding and managing your API credentials

API credential management is available to account admins only.

Your API credentials, Site IDs and API Keys, are used to authenticate with our API and send data to your different workspaces. It's also good security practice to rotate these credentials every now and then.

Where can you find them?

Head over to the Integrations area in your current workspace. Once there, select the API settings:

API Key/Site ID -- Integrations

Once there, you'll be able to see all the API credentials available to you in that workspace. To see all of your credentials across workspaces, and to rotate and edit them, click the "Manage API Credentials" button.

Managing multiple API credential sets

This will bring you to...

Account Settings

In this settings area, you can add new API credentials for any workspace, as well as see when all of your credentials were created and last used. You can also rename or delete/deprecate them should you need to.

Credential management

Adding new credentials

Whenever you create a new workspace, we create a default set of "primary" API credentials for you. You cannot delete these until you create a new set. To do this, click the button to add a new set of credentials, then give them a name and select a workspace:

Adding new credentials

When you add them, you'll be able to see them on your Integrations page for that workspace, and in the settings area.

Renaming or deleting existing credentials

You can rename or delete a set of credentials using the buttons on the far right. Editing is just a matter of renaming and saving:

Editing credentials

But if you want to delete a set of credentials, we ask you to enter their name once more, just to be sure. Keep in mind that this cannot be undone, and that if any currently-running integrations use those credentials, you update those integrations before deleting!

Deleting credentials

Keep in mind that you need at least one set of API credentials for each workspace. If you only have one set left, we'll let you know that you need to create a new one before you delete that set:

Delete disabled

Choosing integration credentials

Javascript snippet

When sending data to for a given workspace, we give you the option of choosing which credentials you'd like to use. You can use the dropdown to select them for either the Javascript snippet or the API:

Selecting credentials


If you're connecting your Segment account to a workspace and you have multiple key pairs, you need to select a set of API credentials to enable that connection:

Selecting Segment credentials

Need help?

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