Archiving or deleting segments

Archiving or deleting segments

In, segments are used in many different places: for campaigns, newsletters, action conditions, as well as filtering and reporting. As a result, your segment lists might grow longer, and contain both used and unused segments. To organize it, you can filter, archive, and delete segments.

Filtering the segment index

The segment list, active or archived, can be filtered for:

  • Only unused segments, or
  • Segments used only in sent newsletters well as particular segment types. Just use the dropdown at the top of the index:

Segment Filtering Options

Filter & delete all unused segments

If you have a long segment list and want to do a quick cleanup, filtering is a great way to identify all the segments that are going unused and remove them. To do this:

  1. Filter the list for all unused segments
  2. Click "Select All"
  3. Delete!

Delete all unused segments

We'll ask you to confirm the number of segments that you want to delete before you do so.

Archiving segments

In your Segments index, you'll see that your segments are organised into both Active and Archived.

Archive or delete segments

  • Active means that the segments are available for use everywhere in
  • Archived segments can be viewed, but not used in

Archiving (vs. deleting) means that you still have the data associated with those segments and can view them, but you cannot use them for your campaigns or newsletters or filters. If you want to use them again, you have the option to unarchive.

You may want to archive segments in order to keep your "Active" list organised and clean; there are also performance benefits to archiving unused segments. You can archive segments that are unused or have been used by sent newsletters, but can not archive those which are being used by campaigns or unsent newsletters.

You can archive a single segment on its own from the segment page; to archive one or multiple segments at once, use the checkboxes in the segment index:

Archive or delete segments - checkboxes

Deleting segments

You can select and delete one or multiple segments at once from the segment index:
Delete segments

We'll ask you to confirm the number of segments that you want to delete. Keep in mind that you can only delete segments which are unused, or used in already-sent newsletters.

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