Adding a view in browser link

If you have an image-heavy email, worry about display issues in specific email applications, or simply want to give your customers the option to view your email in the browser rather than just their inbox, you can add a link that generates a web version of the email personalized for each recipient.

 View in Browser links are public links.

Anyone who visits the URL for a “View in Browser” link will see the entire email message. To prevent private data from being visible on the internet, you should not send us any sensitive, personal information. This includes bank account information, personal health details, credit card numbers, or other secure details. This type of information should not be used directly in email or other types of messages due to their sensitive nature.

 Transactional messages and protected content

“View in browser” links will not work with Transactional messages when:

  • Protect sensitive data is enabled.
  • Your transactional API request includes "disable_message_retention": true.

Learn more about the Transactional API and protecting sensitive data.

To add the default view in browser link (similar to the unsubscribe one we talked about here), you can use the following HTML code in your layout:

<a href="{% view_in_browser_url %}">View this email online</a> 

The resulting link will look something like:

If you want to exclude the online view link from your open and click reports, you can add the untracked class to it:

<a href="{% view_in_browser_url %}" class="untracked">View this email online</a>

Like all other links, your View in browser links can be branded with your own domain. To get this set up, you’ll need to add a CNAME to your domain’s DNS records. Just visit the “Deliverability” tab in the “Email & Actions” section of your account and make sure the CNAME value you configure there has been added to your domain’s DNS records and then re-checked on that page. If you see a green checkmark under the CNAME column for your domain, you’re all set!

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