Brand your subscription center

Set up branding

After you set up at least one topic, you can set your Logo and Brand Color.

  1. Go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Subscription Center and click Settings. Then select Edit next to Branding.

    The default branding for the subscription center
    The default branding for the subscription center

  2. Select your Logo. Choose Same as account settings if you want your subscription center to match your account’s logo. You can also select Custom to use an image from your assets library or point to a URL.

  3. Set your Brand Color as a hex color. Click the current color to open a color picker.

  4. When you’re done, click Save in the top right.

Logo Guidelines

You can save a logo to your asset library, meaning that your logo can be up to 3MB in size (PNG, JPG, or GIF). But, we limit the height of the logo to 80px, so you may not want to use your largest, highest-resolution logo; you don’t want the logo to impact your users’ load times.

Brand Colors

The brand color affects the Save Preferences button and the background color of checkboxes. We change the foreground color—for the button text and checkmarks—dynamically based on the background color you set. This ensures that your buttons and checkboxes are easy to see and read no matter what brand color you choose.

pick a color for the subscription center
pick a color for the subscription center
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