Exporting Data for a Single Person

Need to export all data associated with a single person? No problem!

 Exports will include all attribute and event data for the selected profiles. If this includes sensitive data, you must purge that data before passing it to customers.


Head to the individual Person page for the end-user whose data you need to export, and select the ‘Export Profile Data’ option in the dropdown:


This will export all of the data that we have for a specific end-user. It may take a little while, but we’ll let you know when it’s done, and it will also appear on your Exports page like this:


That’s it!


Note: You can also export the attributes for a user or group of users to CSV. This is available via the People page; here’s how!

What data we store

For each user, we store several types of data, all available for export:

  • All user attributes
  • All user event data
  • User mobile device IDs, last_used timestamps, and platforms (if you’re sending us device data)
  • All deliveries for that customer, with their full content
  • Delivery metrics and metadata (delivery ID, the campaign, message name, type, etc.)

What an export looks like

A single export will contain several different .json files for the above data types:

  • attributes.json contains all current attribute values for that end-user.
  • details.json contains deliveries and their content for that customer, one per line
  • devices.json contains the device ID, platform, and when the device was last used– for up to 25 devices you associate with a given end-user (sorted by last_used)
  • events.json.gz and events2.json.gz will contain all events (and their associated data) performed by the customer; from our event logs, one per line
  • metrics.json includes all individual delivery stats (timestamps for activities, and meta information), one delivery per line


After 60 days, a given user’s profile export will expire and we delete it. If you need that user’s data again, you can always head back to their Person page to generate a new one. 

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