Pausing an Active Campaign

There are a couple of ways you can pause a campaign depending on your overall goal.

Short term adjustments

If you need to make changes to a campaign quickly over a short period of time, it’s best to keep things simple and set all messages to queue as drafts rather than sending automatically.

This prevents you from sending a message while you’re still working on perfecting it. However you can quickly restore to business as usual when you’re ready by flipping the messages back on.

Set all your messages to Queue Draft

  1. Navigate to your campaign workflow.
  2. Click to open the settings for the first message.
  3. Set the sending behavior of the message to “Queue Draft”.
  4. Rinse and repeat for any other messages in the campaign. (Yes, you have to set this per message.)

Now you can make your changes in peace, knowing that you’re not sending anything out before it’s ready. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, reverse the steps above and resume sending automatically.

Long term or indefinite pausing

If you’re looking to pause a campaign for an extended period of time or stop it indefinitely, learn how to stop a Campaign here. Stopping a Campaign will prevent new users from entering. You’ll be able to choose whether to exit any in-progress Journeys or allow them to gracefully finish receiving their remaining messages.

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