Why did my campaign not send someone a message?

For one reason or another, people may not receive messages because they don’t enter your campaign at all, or they do enter, but skip messages on the way. If a customer received or didn’t receive a message from your campaign, there might be a few reasons for that.

1. Not all conditions matched at sending time

Before sending messages to people, we first make sure that they match all of your trigger and filter conditions. This includes:

  • The trigger segment for segment-triggered campaigns and
  • …any filter segments or action conditions.

An end-user must match all of these to be sent a message. Check to see if your customer matches all segments and conditions being applied to the campaign and email, and that the conditions are what you need them to be.

You’ll be able to see that this happened by heading to the Journeys tab on a particular profile:


Then, in a specific campaign, you might see that a message was skipped due to particular conditions not being met:


2. Your campaign is set to send to future matches only

It’s possible that people were already in your trigger segment, but haven’t received a message. If this is the case, it’s likely that future matches only was selected on your campaign review page before that campaign was started:


To ensure people already in your trigger segment receive these campaigns, you should choose existing and future matches here.

If your campaign has already started and you would like to include the people who were in the trigger segments before that, please contact support and we’ll get you squared away.

3. This person has already been part of this campaign

By default, customers can only enter segment triggered campaigns once. Even if they leave the trigger segment(s) and re-enter them at a later time, they won’t re-enter the campaign. So if they haven’t received a particular message, they may have entered the campaign before, but have now left and can’t re-enter.

However, it’s possible to set up a campaign such that people re-enter it by changing the Frequency settings.

None of the above?

If this hasn’t helped you troubleshoot, please let us know! We’ll be happy to help.

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