Getting Started: Workspaces

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A workspace is a container for people, campaigns, and messages. Everything you do in, you do from within a workspace. You can have multiple workspaces, all with their own set of people, campaigns, and API credentials.

You can create multiple workspaces to serve different purposes. You might have workspaces to represent different organizations within your company, product families, apps, messaging purposes and so on. You can move between your workspaces from the upper left corner of the dashboard.

change workspaces

Workspaces don’t cost anything. For billing purposes, we use the total number of people associated with your account and the total messages sent from all your workspaces combined. If you’re on our Essentials plan, you’re limited to two workspaces. If you’re a Premium or Enterprise subscriber, you can set up as many workspaces as you want.

While workspaces are separate containers, you can reuse import workflow actions (like message templates or delays) from campaigns in other workspaces. This can prevent you from having to manually recreate complex message templates.

Organizing people in your workspace

The major functional differences between workspaces are the unique values that you use to identify people. By default, workspaces let you identify people by email, id (a value representing a customer, person, or account in your backend systems), or both. These values are unique to each person. For example, if your workspace uses email as a unique identifier, two people in your workspace cannot have the same email address.

You should change this setting if you want to allow a value to belong to more than one person. For example, you might let two people have the same email address—which you might do if you let people share an account. In this case, you would set up your workspace so that email is not a unique identifier. Note that you identify people with unique values; if you set your workspace up so that email is not a unique identifier, you could not add people to your workspace using email addresses.

Set your identifiers when creating a workspace
Set your identifiers when creating a workspace
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