Copy Workflow Items

Do you have a successful campaign workflow you want to replicate, or a fine-tuned set of messages in one campaign that you want to re-use in another? No problem! You can copy workflow items from one campaign to another, even if your campaigns are in different workspaces!

 Copying campaigns

You can copy an entire workflow from one campaign to another, but you cannot copy an entire campaign, trigger, goals, and all. To duplicate a campaign, you must create a new campaign and then copy the workflow from the campaign you want to duplicate into your new campaign.

How to copy workflow items

This process covers copying items from another workflow to your current one.

  1. When building your workflow, click Copy from workflow at the top of the Build menu.
    build menu: copy workflow items from
    build menu: copy workflow items from
  2. Select the Workspace and Campaign (or broadcast) that you want to copy workflow blocks from.
  3. Select the blocks you want to copy to your workflow and click Copy selected.
  4. Select where you want to place the copied blocks in your workflow.

Copy items to another workflow

When you copy items to another workflow, not all of the copied items’ settings carry over to destination workflow. This is especially true when you’re copying items to a different workspace. Make sure that copied workflow item settings apply to your current workspace and campaign or broadcast before you save changes in your workflow.

To copy items from your current workflow to another one:

  1. Select the items you want to copy to another workflow.

  2. Click Copy to….

  3. Select the Workspace you want to copy items to.

  4. Select the campaign or broadcast that you want to copy items to.

  5. Click to place your copied items in your new workflow.

  6. Save your changes.

When you save your changes, use the Save & go to workflow option to go to the workflow you just copied items to. Use Save & close to return to the workflow you copied items from.


Sending behavior when copying

If you copy messages into an active campaign, copied messages default to Queue Draft sending behaviour, regardless of its original state. This prevents you from inadvertantly sending messages before you have a chance to edit the copied messages to fit your current workflow.

If you copy messages into an inactive campaign, the Sending Behavior doesn’t change.

For example, let’s say you copy an SMS that is set to Send Automatically from an active campaign.

If you’re copying into…

  1. Another active campaign: the duplicate SMS is set to Queue Draft.
  2. An inactive campaign: the duplicate SMS remains set to Send Automatically.

Copying between Workspaces

You can copy workflow blocks and campaigns across workspaces. However, workflow items may change when you copy them across workspaces because workspaces don’t share settings, people, segments, and so on.

Action Conditions

If you copy workflow blocks that have action conditions to another workspace, some settings may not copy over to the workspace. This is because your new workspace may not contain the same options as the original workspace—like segments and subscription preferences.

Action ConditionCopied?Why?
Segment conditionsSegments are workspace-specific, so you must re-define segment conditions on workflow items that you copy across workspaces.
Attribute conditionsWhile we copy attribute conditions over to the new workspace, you’ll need to review them to make sure they’re correct.
Event data conditionsWhile we copy event data conditions in event triggered campaigns, you’ll need to review them to make sure they’re correct.
Subscription preferencesSometimesSubscription preferences are copied if they match the campaign settings or global options. Subscription preferences are not copied if you’ve overridden the subscription preference to a specific topic. In this case, the preference resets to the Use campaign settings option because your new workspace may not contain the same topics.

For example, consider an email with the following action conditions:


If we copy this email to another Workspace, the “Canada” location attribute copies normally, but the Profile > 50% segment condition does not. Instead, you would see the following warnings on your copied email:


If you want the copied email to have the same action conditions as the original, you must:

  1. Re-create (if necessary) and re-add the “Profile > 50%” segment condition.
  2. Make sure that the location attribute exists in the workspace you’re copying into

At any time, you can click to dismiss warnings.

Layouts, Reply-To, and From Address

When you copy messages from one workspace to another, the Layout, Reply-to and From addresses are all reset to the default for the destination workspace! Your copied message may display warnings reading “Email layout was reset to default” or “Headers were reset to default”.

To address these warnings for an email, go into the composer and check that the Layout, Reply-To, and From Address settings are correct for your copied message and campaign.

At any time, you can click X to dismiss warnings.

Different Action Types

If you’re copying other message actions, like Slack, Twilio, or Push between workspaces, make sure that you’ve enabled those action types in your destination Workspace!

If these message/action types are not enabled in the destination workspace, you won’t be able to copy these workflow blocks.

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