Mixpanel or KISSMetrics

Do you already use Mixpanel or Kissmetrics to track behavior on your site?

Don’t worry. You can use Customer.io even if you already track events and attributes with another service.

How easy is it to use Customer.io alongside KISSmetrics or Mixpanel?

Our recommended and supported path is to use Segment. Our friends at Segment made Analytics.js, an open-source library that is a simple, clean wrapper around your analytics services.

What does Segment / Analytics.js make it easy to do?

If you used Segment, and wanted to try Customer.io (or another service), it’s as simple as flipping a switch. Segment works great if you want to send the same data to multiple services. For example:

  • Google Analytics (analytics)
  • Customer.io (email automation)
  • Olark (real-time chat)

Analytics.js allows you to integrate once and then it’s easy to try new services without extra work.

What about for server-side events?

Segment also supports Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java and .Net.

If you don’t want to use Segment, you can use our JavaScript snippet and/or our REST API. Many people who try Customer.io often start with the JavaScript snippet and later decide to use our REST API. You can always use our REST API at no cost.

Can I import Kissmetrics data into Customer.io

Yes! There’s a guide to Import data from Kissmetrics to Customer.iothanks to the generous work of our customer Diogo Figueiredo

Can I replace KISSmetrics or Mixpanel with Customer.io?

No, probably not. We don’t focus on reporting. We use the same data as KISSmetrics and Mixpanel but rather than showing you cohort reports and funnels, we use it to help you send email and communicate better with people.

Can Mixpanel’s email features replace Customer.io?

No, probably not. Many of our Customers have tried Mixpanel’s email functionality and have found it to be lacking.

They like our product better. We show you opens, clicks, and conversions from your email back to action on the site. You don’t have to instrument the email yourself. We let you send newsletters, transactional email and behavioral email in one place.

Our email functionality isn’t tacked on. It’s what we do best.

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