How we Bill

Your billing is calculated based on your subscription. You can find the details of your subscription on the Plan and Payment page.

Your base plan and details

Your plan includes a base number of people and messages per month. If you go over either limit, you’ll pay additional costs per person or message. Consult your account’s Plan & Billing page to see your your monthly counts of people and messages and any additional usage rates that apply to the current month and plan.

You can find your monthly Current People and message counts on your account page.

billable people count and usage
billable people count and usage

Additional messages

Messages over your plan’s limit are calculated at a standard rate of $0.12 per 1,000 messages. A message is an email, SMS, push notification, or in-app message that you send to an individual person—or an individual webhook request. If you configure your own SMTP service, messages sent through this service do not count towards your total messages.

You’ll find your message count on your account settings page

Additional people

We charge your base plan fee in advance, and any additional people over your base plan the following month. We base your people count on the “high watermark” of uniquely-identified people in the billing period, including deleted people. You can see your Billable People count, and the rates for billable people, under Settings > Account Settings. At the beginning of the next cycle, we reset the count.

Here’s how it works: imagine that you start a Basic billing plan on September 1st. Your billing period ends October 1st. In that time, you add 10,000 people and delete 50 people. At the end of the billing period, your Billable People count is 10,000 people, because deleted people are included in the plan.

On October 1st, you’re charged the base rate for your plan plus additional people from the previous billing period. Since 8,000 people are included in the base plan, you’re charged for the 2,000 additional people in your account. After you’re billed, your Billable People count resets to 9,950, because you deleted 50 people in the previous billing period.

Payment methods

Each month, on your billing date we will charge the card on file for your subscription for the upcoming billing period.

If you have a premium or enterprise plan, you can choose to pay annually. If you pay annually, we’ll email an invoice to your account’s invoice contact each year. We accept payment for invoices via domestic(US) wire or ACH. Additional usage costs for your account are calculated monthly and charged to the credit card on file.


Local, state and federal sales tax may be added to your bill if it is applicable in your location. If your organization is exempt from this for any reason then please email

How to keep track of upcoming bills

Check the Plan & Payment page to see an estimate of your upcoming bill.

If you have questions about your upcoming bill(s), reach out to our billing team.

Where to find receipts

When your billing date rolls around, your invoice or receipt will be sent to the invoice contact on file. You can change who receives these emails by updating your invoice contact on the Account Information page.

If you are an admin, you can also access all historical receipts in your Billing History.

Mistakes in your billing

We make every effort to ensure your billing is an accurate reflection of your usage but we know that mistakes can happen. Our standard grace period for reviewing payments is three months but we appreciate that each situation is different. If something looks off in your billing then please reach out to our billing team on and our billing team will look into it for you.

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