How we Bill: Basic Subscription

Payment method

Each month, on your billing date we will charge the card on file for your subscription for the upcoming billing period.

How we calculate your bill


Your Basic subscription automatically scales to fit the number of profiles in your account and includes a fair usage policy of 1M total messages per month. For billing purposes, a message is an email, SMS, push notification that you send to an individual person, or an individual webhook request.

Message overages are calculated at a standard rate of $0.12 per 1,000 messages. If you configure your own SMTP service, messages sent through this service do not count towards your message limit.

Pricing Tiers

To provide more predictable growth, we calculate your monthly bill in tiers. You can track your subscription tier on the Plan & Payment page:

Your tier is calculated based on the Billable People count from the preceding month. The Billable People count includes each uniquely identified profile that existed in your account over the course of the billing period, including those that were deleted.

Go to Settings > Account Settings to see your billable people count and current usage totals.

billable people count and usage
billable people count and usage

Each time you are billed this number is reset to match the Current People count.


Local, state and federal sales tax may be added to your bill if it is applicable in your location. If your organization is exempt from this for any reason then please email

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