How-to: Use Attribute Updates to Fix Typos in Your Data

Have you ever added data to and only notice after the fact that there was a typo? This happens to the best of us - by using Attribute Updates you can create a campaign that will fix that typo and make sure new data that comes in is clean. Here's how:

Step 1: Create a Segment that Captures the Typo

In this example, let's say you have an attribute called frist_name that'd you like to fix to first_name. (While this example is for an attribute name, you could do something similar to clean up attribute values). Create a new segment that captures all profiles with the frist_name attribute:

Step 2: Create a Campaign Triggered by that Segment

Next, use that segment as the triggering condition in a new campaign. If your data will still be coming in with the incorrect attribute name, be sure to make the campaign re-enterable in order to fix the typo whenever it appear. Since this campaign won't send any messages, you'll want it to "send" to unsubscribed people as well.

Step 3: Add an Attribute Update to Fix the Typo

In the campaign, start with an Attribute Update. You'll want to pass the value from the incorrect attribute to the correct attribute - in this case, from frist_name to first_name.

Step 4: Add an Attribute Update to Remove the Typo

Next, add another Attribute Update - here, you'll set the incorrect attribute name to a null value, effectively removing from the person's profile.

Step 5: Start Your Campaign

Once you've set up your attribute updates, you're ready to start your campaign. On the review page, be sure to select Current people and future additions - that will correct the typo on all current profiles, and keep it corrected if ever that typo should come up again.

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