Getting Started: Workspaces
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Getting Started: Workspaces

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In you have settings that apply to your whole account and more settings that apply only to the Workspace you are currently working in. The Workspace settings are the items seen in the left-hand menu when you are logged into your account.


Settings that apply to your whole account are accessible via your personal user menu in the top right corner of your account.


Workspaces are where you configure all the objects required to send messages to a specific set of People. It's also where you view logs and reports on all that activity. If you have more than one set of People who are generally unrelated to each other, you can use multiple Workspaces to keep them separate. Note, each team member in your account will have access to all your Workspaces.

Separate Workspaces are ideal for organizations that manage separate product lines or businesses. To keep these concerns separate, each Workspace automatically gets its own set of API credentials. This helps ensure all data sent to flows into the right Workspace. Workspaces do not share People, Segments, Campaigns or data. If you need the same information in multiple Workspaces, you will need to add it to each one separately using each Workspace's own API credentials.

If you want to reuse existing workflow items (e.g., message templates or delays), you can import them from Campaigns in any other Workspace. This saves a lot of time and keeps you from having to manually recreate any of your complex message templates.

To manage your Workspaces, head over to the "Workspaces" area in your Account settings. You can have as many Workspaces as you want without paying extra. The number of People created and messages sent for all your Workspaces combined is what will be used for billing purposes.

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