Campaign exit conditions

Campaign exit conditions

With segment or event triggers (and filters), you can control who enters a campaign and receives its messages. But you might also want to define when people leave a given campaign. With exit conditions, you can choose exactly when customers leave your campaigns.

How do exit conditions work?

By default in, people leave a campaign if they no longer match your trigger and filter conditions when it's time to send them a message.

However, you can override this default and specify if people should leave a campaign when:

  • the campaign finishes (and they receive all relevant messages), regardless of whether or not they stop matching
  • they convert
  • they convert or stop matching

Specifying exit conditions

Initially, you define (or change) when you'd like a person to leave the campaign on the Goal & Exit tab in your workflow:

Our default setting

When you first arrive at the Goal & Exit tab, you can see that "it's time to send them a message and they don't match your triggers and filters" is pre-selected. This is our default.

Leave the campaign only when complete

If you'd like your customers to move all the way through your campaign and only exit on completion (after they've received all the relevant messages), simply select the first option:

Leave when they meet a conversion goal

If you'd like them to exit when they meet your conversion goal, select the following:

Here's a quick look at conversions:

Leave if they stop matching OR meet the conversion goal

And finally, if you'd like them to leave when they meet the conversion goal or stop matching, select both of the options:

Note: Remember that when you choose a conversion goal as an exit condition, you'll need to define your goal before you can save.

Your change will then be reflected when you go to your campaign's Review tab:

Making changes after your campaign is running

From your campaign's overview page, you can see an overview of your campaign's goal (if you've defined one) and the exit conditions:

If you need to make changes, you can do this from the Goal & Exit tab:

Here, you can edit your exit conditions and conversion goal if you need to.

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