Environments within Customer.io (Deprecated)
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Environments within Customer.io (Deprecated)

Note: Environments have been deprecated since June 2016. All accounts created since March 20, 2017 have Workspaces instead of environments and all accounts that have been migrated to the new platform have had their environments converted into Workspaces.Read more about Workspaces here.

Environments in Customer.io make it easy for you to test emails and sending logic before putting data in to the production system.

What do all environments have in common?

Each account in Customer.io shares the following data across all environments:

  • Triggered campaigns (both event and segment)
  • Newsletters
  • Segments
  • From addresses
  • Email layouts
  • All campaign settings

In fact, it's probably more helpful to talk about what's different between environments.

What's different between environments

Environments don't share the same customers or the data that gets attached to customers:

  • attributes for those customers
  • events
  • emails sent to those customers
  • Campaign stats or the sent/draft status of a Newsletter.

Everything else is the same, but

A note about newsletters When a newsletter is sent, it is sent only to the matching people in the current environment. An unsent draft of the newsletter will exist in the other environments.

How to change environments

In the top left of the app, you might notice the environments drop down.


Clicking on an environment will switch to that environment. You can also:

  • Create a new environment
  • Change settings for an existing environment

Environment Settings

Environment settings

In the environment settings you'll see the site id and API key for that environment.

You can also rename or delete the environment.

Development, Staging and Production

Environment names are free-form. You can call an environment whatever you like. However a suggested pattern is something like the following:

Environment suggested naming pattern: Production, Development, Staging

  • In "Development", never send an email.
  • In "Staging", send an email to an internal team member.
  • In "Production", send emails normally.

If you have any questions or thoughts on on how to improve environments, please let us know.

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