Choosing the Right Email Editor

Choosing the Right Email Editor

We have several different editors available to you when you go to build your emails; which is best for you entirely depends on your use case and experience! This document will give an overview of our editors and help you decide between them.

The editor choice menu

Whenever you start composing a new email, you'll see a menu that looks like this:


From here, you can choose exactly which one of our editors you want to use to compose that particular message. If you've already composed or created some emails before, they'll be here as well. See below:


The options at the top allow you to start an email from scratch in that editor, while the tabs allow you to select a previous email built in each editor as a starting point.

Our three editor types


Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly build responsive emails without coding. It looks like this:


You can quickly add blocks of content, columns, and easily drop in items like images, buttons, social links, and set global styles. In the workflow, you can quickly see which emails are built using this editor via the drag-and-drop icon:


Drag-and-drop editor documentation

If you need specific help with our editor, we have two pieces of documentation to get you started:

Rich text


This editor is great if you need a little more control than what drag-and-drop offers, but don't want to dig into exact email code. This uses our existing Layouts to wrap around the emails, so if a "global header and footer" is a must, use the rich text editor!

You can identify emails using the rich text editor in the workflow by this icon:


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Our code editor allows you full control over the HTML within your email:


This is a great option for you if you want complete granular control over every aspect of your email. Just make sure you test thoroughly! This editor also combines with Layouts, but

You can identify emails using the code editor in the workflow by this icon:


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Switching between editors

Once you choose to use the drag-and-drop editor for an email and then save your content, you cannot use another editor for that email. However, you can switch between rich text and code using the toggle at the top left-hand corner of the editor. Here's an example of going from code to rich text:


Please keep in mind that when you switch between rich text and code, we cannot guarantee that your email will appear or function the same way. So be careful!

Starting from a previous email

As mentioned above, all of your previous emails will be available to you here to use as a starting point. If you know that email's name, you can go ahead and search for it, as demonstrated in this gif:


Don't worry about your old design being overwritten; this will be saved as its own unique email.

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