Use your Mailgun Account to Send Email supports using your own Mailgun account to send email with zero loss in functionality. To do this there are two places you’ll need to change settings:

1. On Mailgun

First, you need to point Mailgun’s webhooks at and get your SMTP information.

Point Mailgun’s webhooks at

Add the following webhook URL on the Mailgun webhooks page for every domain you’ll be sending via

Example webhook config


The Clicks and Opens webhooks should not be sent back to as we’re already tracking this information on our side and each event will be recorded twice (via and via Mailgun).

If you want to track opens and clicks via Mailgun only, you can change the sending behavior on an email by email basis.

Get your SMTP Information

On the main screen for your domain, you’ll find your SMTP credentials. You’ll need them to configure

Mailgun config settings

2. In

Configure custom SMTP settings

First, head to Custom SMTP Settings in the Email & Actions section:

Mailgun SMTP settings

Then add in your Mailgun SMTP credentials:

Mailgun SMTP settings

When you save your settings, we’ll start sending emails through your Mailgun account.


Your account is now set up to send email through Mailgun. If you have any questions or feedback about setting this up, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!