Push Notifications - Configuration Testing and QA

When it comes to testing your push configuration and messages for quality assurance (QA) purposes, we recommend that you keep separate development/test and production workspaces — especially if they don’t share configuration credentials.

For example, if you have an iOS app, you may have a sandbox environment set up to test your push notifications before you start your campaigns. This often has the same certification credentials as your production environment. We still recommend setting up a separate test workspace with the “Send to sandbox” option turned on:

To send any type of test message, you’ll need a device token. Here’s how to find one.

Looking for A/B testing for push notifications? We've got you covered.

Testing your configuration

Once you have a device token, if you want to test if your push setup is working, we recommend that you send this message from the configuration page:

Send test push from settings

Enter your platform type and the token you’d like to test with (see how to find those here), and you’ll hopefully get a test push to that device with the following content: “If you’re reading this, it means your integration with Customer.io is working!” and you’re set to start adding push notifications to your campaigns.

Single-message QA test

If you want to see how your push notification looks on a single device, you can send a test from within the push notificaiton composer:

Sending a test push