Cratejoy Integration

Thank you for your interest in using with Cratejoy to power your messaging to your box subscribers.

Enabling the Integration

This integration requires a new account - if you currently are using and would like to use this integration, please contact

To start sending data from Cratejoy into, submit this form. Upon submission, a backend service will create the connection between your Cratejoy store and a new account.

Using for the First Time

Shortly after you submit the form, you should receive an email from asking to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you’ll be able to log into your new account with the password you entered on the integration form.

When you first log in - you should already see events from your Cratejoy store in the activity feed, reflecting live actions occuring in your store. The customer backfill will also be occuring in the background and will complete in a period of time based on how many customers you have. See below for more information on the Cratejoy events recorded in

To learn the basics of, please check out the following articles:


Events are actions users take in your store. In the case of the Cratejoy integration, events also include shipment events - see the chart below for the full list of events:

Event Name Event Description
checkout_failed One of your customers attempted to checkout but failed due to invalid input, or payment.
customer_new A new user has registered on your store. This can happen as part of a checkout, or independently.
address_updated A customer address has been updated.
billing_updated A customer billing record has been updated.
order_updated You cancelled or changed the status of an order.
order_new An order has been successfully placed on your store.
shipment_cancelled You cancelled a shipment.
shipment_shipped You marked a package as shipped.
shipment_cancelled You or your customer cancelled a subscription.
subscription_new A subscription has been created on your store.
subscription_renew_failed A subscription did not successfully charge on its renewal date.
subscription_renewed A subscription has successfully paid for a new cycle and generated new shipments.
subscription_updated One of your customers updated their subscription variants, terms, or products for their next renewal.
transaction_new A new transaction was created.
These events and their descriptions are directly mapped from Cratejoy’s webhook events, which are documented here.

Only events that occur after the integration is enabled will be synced to Events occurring before the integration is enabled will not be backfilled.

Customer Backfill

The customer backfill is still under development. Check back soon for details.
In addition to firing events for user actions, the Cratejoy Integration will continuously sync all of your customers —as new customers sign up and old customers churn, the integration will keep their records up-to-date in

At the time of enabling the integration, we will also backfill all of your existing customers into As noted above, their events prior to the integration being enabled will not be backfilled - but profiles will be created for all of the customers of your Cratejoy store. –>

Gift Recipients

Please note that gift recipients are a special use case in the Cratejoy Integration. Whenever an order is placed as a gift, a profile will be made for the gift recipient with corresponding events for the gift order. All gift recipients will have the attribute gift_recipient equal to true.

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