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Copying Campaigns and Workflow Items

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Got a successful campaign you'd like to replicate? Or a fine-tuned set of messages in one campaign that you want to re-use in another? No problem! You can do this by copying workflow items, either within a single Workspace or between them!

How to copy workflow items

When building your workflow, you'll notice two buttons: one to add, one to copy existing workflow items:

When you click the 'Copy items from...' button, you'll see this dialog:


Select the Workspace you'd like to copy items from (if it's not the one you're currently in), and the appropriate campaign. Then, you should see a list of the workflow items from that campaign:


Select the ones you want to copy, and you're set! Here's a gif of the process:

If you'd like to copy a whole campaign, you can use the Select All option.

Sending behavior when copying

A few notes here:

  • If you're copying messages into an active campaign, all of those messages will default to Queue Draft sending behaviour, regardless of its original state.
  • If you're copying messages into an inactive campaign, sending states will remain the same.

For example, let's say you're copying an SMS from an active campaign. That SMS is set to Send Automatically.

If you're copying into...

  1. Another active campaign: the copied SMS will be set to Queue Draft.
  2. An inactive campaign: the copied SMS will remain set to Send Automatically.

Copying A/B Tests

When you select an A/B test workflow item, we will copy the entire test over for you, but we won't move its settings over. The copied test will also be set to inactive. This is how that's selected:


If you only want a single email from an A/B test, you can do that as well, just select the email on its own:


If you want the two emails, but not as an A/B test, just select them individually:


Copying between Workspaces

You can copy workflow items and campaigns between your Workspaces. When doing so, though, those workflow items might be affected or changed in a couple of ways, depending on what you've copied.

Action Conditions

If your copied workflow items have Action Conditions:

  • Segment conditions will not be copied. This is because segments aren't shared across Workspaces. If you want to keep segment conditions on your newly-copied workflow items, you'll need to recreate them.
  • Attribute conditions will be copied, but you'll need to review them to make sure they're correct.

For example, consider an email had the following action conditions:


If we copied this email into another Workspace, the "Canada" location attribute would be copied, but not the "Profile > 50%" segment condition. You'd see the following warnings on your email when copied:


If you want your copied email to have those same action conditions, you'll want to make sure that:

  1. You re-create (if necessary) and re-add the "Profile > 50%" segment condition.
  2. You make sure that the country attribute exists in the Workspace you're copying into

At any time, you can dismiss these warnings by clicking the X.

Layouts, Reply-To, and From Address

All of these will be reset to the default for the Workspace you're copying into! On your message, you may see warnings reading "Email layout was reset to default" or "Headers were reset to default" like this:


To address them for an email, head into the composer and check that the Layout, Reply-To, and From Address settings are correct for this message and campaign.

At any time, you can dismiss these warnings by clicking the X.

Different Action Types

If you're copying workflow items such as Slack, Twilio, or Push between Workspaces, make sure that you've enabled those action types in your destination Workspace! For example, if you're trying to copy an SMS message into a Workspace that doesn't have SMS enabled, you'll see this:

If you try to add it, you'll see a tooltip like this one:

You'll need to enable SMS in your destination Workspaces before being able to copy that workflow item into it.

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