Campaign Metrics

Once a campaign is running, you can see the metrics on the overview page.

The All-time Metrics chart shows Sent, Marked as Spam, Unsubscribed, Unsubscribed, Bounced, and Suppressed email counts as well as Opened, Clicked, Converted, and Failed rates for the life of the campaign.

The Volume & Performance charts let you view Link Clicks, Opens, Sends, and Conversions for all emails or one email at a time. These charts can also be filtered based on 30 day, 12 week, or 12 month time ranges.

The Delivery Metrics table shows Sends, Opens, Link Clicks, Conversion Rates, Spam Rates, Unsubscribe Rates, Bounce Rates, and Undeliverable Rates for each message in the workflow.

Journey Metrics

The Journey Metrics view for a campaign gives you a picture of how people are moving through your campaign.

A Journey in is one person’s path through a workflow. If a person enters a campaign multiple times, they will have multiple journeys for that campaign. Journey Metrics are metrics based on the total number of journeys through the campaign, rather than based on the total number of messages sent. Journey Metrics paint a better picture of how you’re interacting with the people who enter your campaign.


The numbers

On the Journey Metrics tab, you can view the total number of journeys that have started, that are currently still active in the workflow, that exited early, that completed, and that converted.

Journeys started

A Journey starts when a person matches the campaign’s trigger and filters. This will display the total number of people who matched the trigger in the timeframe you’re viewing.

Journeys currently in workflow

In progress journeys are any that are still making their way through the workflow. For a journey to be in progress, it means that they are waiting in a delay.

Journeys that exited early

It is possible for people to exit a campaign before getting to an explicitly defined Exit point. Some ways this could happen:

  • They stop matching the trigger and filter conditions while waiting in a delay.
  • The person is manually removed from the campaign.
  • The person’s profile is deleted.

Completed journeys

If a user makes their way to an Exit action in a campaign, that Journey is marked as complete. This number will show all the Journeys that terminated and did not exit early.

Converted journeys

A Journey converts when the person meets the conversion goal set for the campaign. If there is no goal set, this value will not be present.

Journey conversion rate

The Journey conversion rate is the number of converted Journeys divided by the total number of Journeys started.

Filtering the view

The Journey Metrics values can be viewed based on any date range you’d like. The view will show metrics for all the Journeys started in the selected date range. For example, if I select the range Jan 1, 2019 - May 31, 2019 UTC I will see the following for each metric: Started: All Journeys triggered (or started) in that timeframe.

In Progress: All Journeys currently still in progress of the total number started within that timeframe.

Completed: All Journeys that have completed of the total number started within that timeframe.

Exited Early: All Journeys that have exited early of the total number started within that timeframe.

Converted: All Journeys that converted out of the total number started within that timeframe.

To add a date range filter, click the date input in the upper right corner and select your preferred range on the calendar.


Workflow Metrics

Workflow metrics allow you to see deliverability metrics within the context of your visual workflow. To view these metrics, navigate to the ‘Workflow’ tab of your campaign. Click the ‘Metrics’ tab of the canvas side tray. This will switch the canvas into metrics mode.


In this view, each metric appears on the bottom of the workflow item. You can toggle the metrics you’d like to view and the time period presented in the side tray.

Note: Custom date ranges can only be selected for the previous 120 days. Longer time range buckets can be viewed using the options on the left side of the date picker, but the custom date picker will only go back 120 days from the current date.

Total Path Metrics

The ‘Path Totals’ workflow items at the beginning of each branch path show the cumulative metrics for every item from the beginning of the path through to the reconnection point or exit block. This allows you to compare the performance of each path.

Each metric total is calculated using only the workflow items that have a value for that metric. For example, if a workflow item does not track clicks, the total path Clicked metric will not include that item.


Exporting Campaign Metrics

From the campaign overview page you’ll have an option to export those metrics. They’ll be equivalent to the numbers provided in the volume chart. If you switch your view from 30 days to 12 weeks or 12 months, the export will shift as well. This will give you either daily numbers for the last 30 days, weekly numbers of the past 12 weeks, or monthly numbers for the past 12 months.


Journey Metrics can be exported from the Journey Metrics tab.


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