What's a Beta Feature?

A beta feature is one that we couldn’t wait to get your feedback on. We’re providing you early access, even though there could still be bugs, unfinished work, or rough edges. Please be mindful of that risk when trying out these features as things might go wrong.

Our drag-and-drop editor, push notifications, and UI refresh are examples of features that we first released in beta.

What ‘beta’ means for you

In practice, a ‘beta’ feature is:

  • one that our product and team is still actively working on
  • going to evolve, but we’ll let you know if any changes will affect your existing work
  • open to your feedback, should you want to give it

When a feature is in beta, we’ll always shout about it, but we’ll also give you the opportunity to opt out. This is because while beta features can be new and exciting, they are also not yet 100% stable. Their code and components are complete for the most part, but there may still be some rough edges that you can help bring to our attention. So when you opt in, please keep this risk in mind and be extra-cautious when using it in anything mission critical.

Send us your feedback and questions!

We want to hear from you! So let us know: Are you missing something you need? Do you see any bugs? Is the feature frustrating to use? Do you see something you like? Anything at all, just let us know via our website or email us directly.

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