Integrating with

Integrating with

Sending data to is easy and familiar for most developers. There are three ways we recommend to get started.

Javascript Snippet

The javascript snippet is the easiest way to start sending data to You copy and paste your tracking code in to the footer of your website. Then you identify logged in users and any important information about them. You'll then be able to email everyone who logs in to the website.

Javascript quick start

Client Libraries supports a RESTful API for receiving your customer data. We also maintain libraries for several languages and list libraries graciously contributed by our customers.


There are 2 reasons to take a look at Segment:

  1. doesn't maintain a client library for your language (Java, iOS, Android, OS X)
  2. You're sending similar or the same data to other services

If you're using (or planning to use) other services alongside like Woopra, Optimizely, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Olark or Google Analytics, we recommend using Segment, a third party product, to send your data to This will save you a meaningful amount of integration time and is fully supported by us.

Check out as a Segment source — and as a Segment destination

Importing your old data

We can help you backfill old data. Backfill old data

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