Attribute Update - Getting Started

The Attribute Update action allows you to create, modify, or remove a customer’s attribute as they move through a campaign.

A few common use cases for the Attribute Update action:

  • Updating a customer’s subscription date, for “account anniversary” campaigns
  • Marking a customer as a potential lead, and perhaps kickstarting another campaign as a result
  • Setting a customer’s next birthday, for birthday campaigns
  • Calculating a customer’s lifetime value (with a total_purchase_value attribute, for example)

…and we’re sure there are more we haven’t uncovered yet!

How to use it

Add the Attribute Update action to your workflow

The item is available in the left-hand panel of the workflow builder. Drag and drop it into your campaign.

Once you add it, click to edit and give the Attribute Update action a name that best describes what it does - for example, “Updating account anniversary.”

Compose your changes

In the Attribute Name field of the composer, choose your attribute. Or, if you’re setting a new one that doesn’t exist yet, simply enter it into the field.

In the Attribute Value field, enter the new value for your attribute. In our case, we want to set our customer’s account anniversary to one year from now. We can do this with Liquid and timestamps:


This updates a customer’s anniversary by adding 365 days. We can do this using Liquid and timestamps.

Note that setting an attribute to blank will remove it.

And that’s it!

Save your Attribute Update action, and continue setting up your campaign!

If you’ve found a cool use case for the attribute action or you need some help setting it up, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

A note on Liquid and attribute updates

If the attribute doesn’t exist, it will be created for you. However, if you’re performing calculations or additions on a that attribute and it may not yet exist, you’ll need to do it like this:

Attribute action - Liquid
Attribute action - Liquid

In this example, when a customer performs a purchased event, the price of the product is added to their purchase total. However, we need to check if customer.purchase_total exists first— otherwise, the attribute update (and calculation) will fail. If it doesn’t exist, it will be set to the price of this first purchase.


Does this create new attributes, too? What if it doesn’t exist?

Yes! If an attribute doesn’t exist for a customer and they enter this action in the workflow, that attribute will be set for them.

Can I use Liquid in attribute names?

Not just yet. You can use Liquid in the attribute value, but not in the name—if you feel you need to do this, let us know. We’d love more information on your particular use case.

Can I modify multiple attributes in one action?

Unfortunately not; each action only modifies one attribute.

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