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Archiving Old Layouts

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If you find yourself with a Layout that you no longer need, but you do want to keep the campaigns and newsletters associated with it (and their data), you can stay organized by archiving it!

We don't let you delete Layouts that you're using in active campaigns or newsletters. But what if you don't want to use that Layout anymore going forward? Simple: archive it!

How to archive

Archiving a Layout is simple. You can do so from the Active tab, or from the individual Layout page. Here's how:

...and how to unarchive

If you'd like to use the Layout in emails once more, head over to the 'Archived' tag, find the Layout you'd like to use again, and Unarchive it either from the Layouts listing, or the individual page:

Remember that:

  • Archived Layouts are not available for selection in future emails
  • You can easily unarchive a Layout if you make a mistake
  • You can still edit your archived Layouts
  • You cannot archive your default Layout
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